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  • Deciphering the Pale Blues

    It's no secret that I adore blues of every shade and type, and this year I have been especially fascinated by very pale blues. In the photo above are Winter Song, Borrowed Light and Lovisa all on Lochsa DK.

    I get a lot of emails asking which color is a pale blue and they really all are, but different variations on a theme. Winter Song is grey blue and the darkest in shade of the three. In certain lights it sometimes reads as a grey. It's also the most tonal of the three because it's dyed with a resist technique and certain areas have almost no grey at all. Borrowed Light is a clear, pale blue. It actually appears the most aqua blue of the three and is what I would describe as the most cheerful. Lovisa is actually blue violet, but at this pale shade appears more blue than violet. I like to call Lovisa my calm blue.

    I had Lutra and Borrowed Light setting together on the table and really loved them together, so of course I had to see what Winter Song and Lovisa looked like with it as well.

    From left to right this is Lutra + Winter Song, Borrowed Light and Lovisa.

    As an aside, I will be posting a very few skeins of Lochsa DK tomorrow morning and that will be that last of it until mid to late January.