• Taking care of a little business...

    Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I like to procrastinate, so this will come as no surprise to some people. Even though my supplier raised prices last year I've been stubbornly eating the increase for several months. However, as my CFO (my husband) says this can no longer continue and I will be having a price increase on several bases. The new prices will not be in effect until after my next update on February 7th. So think of it as a 10% off sale.

    And yes, there will be an update on February 7th- one with lots of red and pink as is appropriate for the holiday coming the following weekend.

    You might spy a new fluffy friend in the photo above- I've finally started to dye a laceweight and since I'm partial to the dreaminess that is mohair (I'm so sorry for people that are allergic to it), it's a blend of kid mohair and silk. I've really enjoyed dyeing it and knitting with it and I hope everyone else will as well. It's another addition to my fairly significant list of bases that aren't superwash. While I'm not anti superwash, I do love a good wooly wool and I definitely love providing some hand dyed options to the world.

    The other fun businessy thing I have to talk about is the reopening of custom orders. I love doing custom orders, but they do take a fair amount of time away from just general every day dyeing. I'm also finding that since my dye recipes are written for specific amounts of yarn that I'm ending up with lots of lonely single skeins. When custom orders open on February 15th, I will be requiring that Sport, DK and Worsted weights be ordered in quanties of 4, 6, 8 or 12. For now, fingering and the new kidsilk lace will be able to be ordered in single skein quantities. This should hopefully help me keep my dyepots fuller and keep production up. And, the more I can produce, the more yarn that should be in the shop ready to order at any time.

    I have also finally gotten around to setting up an email list sign up which can be accessed from my contact page. I'll be using the email list to announce updates, so that's an easy way to find out when they happen which still has no rhyme or reason. I also joined Instagram last month and am really, really enjoying it. If you haven't found me there yet, please do. A lot of the colors that will be in this update have made their way to my Instagram feed so it's a great way to see what's coming ahead of time.

    Also, for those in the DMV area, The Knot House in Frederick, MD will soon be carrying a selection of my yarns. I'm packing their first order right now... a selection of Lochsa DK and Merino Silk Worsted. I'm so excited that they'll be carrying my yarns!

  • Deciphering the Pale Blues

    It's no secret that I adore blues of every shade and type, and this year I have been especially fascinated by very pale blues. In the photo above are Winter Song, Borrowed Light and Lovisa all on Lochsa DK.

    I get a lot of emails asking which color is a pale blue and they really all are, but different variations on a theme. Winter Song is grey blue and the darkest in shade of the three. In certain lights it sometimes reads as a grey. It's also the most tonal of the three because it's dyed with a resist technique and certain areas have almost no grey at all. Borrowed Light is a clear, pale blue. It actually appears the most aqua blue of the three and is what I would describe as the most cheerful. Lovisa is actually blue violet, but at this pale shade appears more blue than violet. I like to call Lovisa my calm blue.

    I had Lutra and Borrowed Light setting together on the table and really loved them together, so of course I had to see what Winter Song and Lovisa looked like with it as well.

    From left to right this is Lutra + Winter Song, Borrowed Light and Lovisa.

    As an aside, I will be posting a very few skeins of Lochsa DK tomorrow morning and that will be that last of it until mid to late January.

  • Informational Posting

    I will be closing custom orders over Christmas so that I can get caught up completely and also work on some personal projects. Custom orders will be closed from December 20th- January 31st. I will be accepting custom orders through December 19th. Wait time on custom orders now is approximately 6 weeks.
    This means that I will plan a scheduled update towards the end of January. This also means that I will be working on some new colorways and finalizing some colorways that have been in progress for awhile.
    I will continue to slip items into the shop over the next few weeks so there will hopefully always be yarn in the shop.

  • New Yarn!

    I have two new bases that I'm finally releasing this week. I've been working on them for awhile. The first is Hayden Worsted which is the same as Hayden DK only in worsted weight. There are 210 yards/113 grams and the retail price is the same $19/skein. It has the same soft feel as Hayden DK and takes the dye brilliantly.

    I actually have several sweater quantities already dyed up, so be watching the shop for those listings throughout the next week. I can't wait to knit some quick hats out of this yarn.

    I'm also super excited to be stocking another superwash merino DK weight yarn. I've dubbed this one Lochsa DK. It's 280 yards/113 grams, but is totally different than Hayden DK. For one thing, it's 100% USA produced. It's also 3 ply and much bouncier and more tightly twisted than Hayden DK. Here's a photo with Lochsa DK on the left.

    You can see that it looks a little thinner despite being the exact same yards per pound as Hayden DK. This yarn has a serious bounce and squish factor and I'm so excited to be dyeing it. Lochsa DK will retail for $21/skein.

  • A Shawl for Summer

    Finally finished. The yarn is my own hand dyed on a fingering base I'm calling Soft Fingering. It's 100% superwash merino, 3 ply with an amazing 490 yards per 100 grams. It's one of those bases that I'll have in the shop on and off, but probably won't stock super regularly. The colors are Sweet Clover and Astilbe.

    I was inspired to dye the Sweet Clover this summer when the clover was blooming in the yard around the studio. It's a lovely soft, aged pink just the like the Sweet Clover blooms as they fade.

    I started the shawl without a ghost of an idea of what I was going to use for the contrast edge. I just knew that some color would pop into my head and Astilbe was that color.

    Shown, appropriately enough with some Astilbe plucked from a friend's yard.

    This shawl was the kind of easy, gentle knitting that was easy to drag around with me last summer. It took countless trips out on the lake, was worked on around the campfire and over coffee with friends. I was kind of sad when it was done. The genius of the design is that while simple and pleasant to knit, it's still an engaging finished shawl/scarf that's infinitely wearable.

    Wapiti by cabinfour on Ravelry.